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What is AI?

Artificial intelligence describes all algorithms and machines that have the ability to learn. The main functions are recognition, preduction, and interaction.

What is AI Ethics?

Ethics is The study of human well-being and when we combine that with the field of AI, we are talking about the study of human-wellbeing as impacted by intelligent systems and how their functions affect people and society.

What is FAIA?

Artificial Intelligence affects virtually every industry across the globe. From transportation to healthcare and cybersecurity, this cutting edge technology has started popping up in diverse applications. But what do we do when algorithms allow for inaccurate predictions, cause physical harm to people, or represent biased data? That’s where the Federal Artificial Intelligence Administration (FAIA) comes in. Through AI governance, auditing, and bias testing, we will be able to regulate the algorithms and machines that companies put out. It is important to check the main functions of these algorithms since they don’t have the consciousness or emotionality that humans have. Our proposed solution will be a new government agency in which there will be different sectors for fields like agriculture, customer service, cybersecurity, education, healthcare, marketing, transportation, etc. Each sector will allow the testing and regulations to be adjusted and personalized to the needs of that industry. The same laws needed for autonomous vehicles can not necessarily be applied to remote test proctoring systems. Further, each system will need to receive clearance from the corresponding FAIA sector before release to the public. This certification will also require “labels” for consumers that provide data on the accuracy and potential biases present. Think of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This governmental agency regulates the production and sale of foods, drugs, biologics and more to ensure there is no customer misinformation and that all products are safe to use. The FAIA will be similar to this system, in that the algorithms (similar to the foods/drugs/biologics) will need to be approved before public use and include data labels (similar to nutrition facts and labels).